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Are you learning to drive in Auckland?

If you're learning to drive in Auckland, then look to West Auckland Driving School Ltd — a trusted and professional driving school! You probably know someone who’s been here or is currently having lessons with us.

Professional instructors

Dharam Singh and his wife, Kamlen Singh are the owner/operators of West Auckland Driving School. Dharam is a qualified MITO Assessor, and both are NZTA qualified driving instructors.
Operating since 2003, migrating from Fiji where we first started our business over 25 years ago, we are passionate about our roles. With 40 years combined teaching experience, we have the skills and understanding to make learning to drive easy and enjoyable, using simple words that you will understand and dual control cars that you feel safe in.

We have had students from various backgrounds including: Europeans, Indians, Fijians, Somalians, Pakistanis and South Africans to name a few. We have also worked closely with refugees and community groups.

What we offer

  1. Preparation for Learners, Restricted and Full Licences relating to Classes 1, 2 & 4 vehicles
  2. Endorsements for Passenger Licence ( Taxi, Bus, Shuttle, Dial-a-Driver, Private Hire) and other small Passenger Service License
  3. Full Licences for Class 2 (2 axle trucks) and Class 4 (3 axle trucks)
  4. Transport Service Licence (TSL) for Passenger, Goods and Vehicle Recovery
  5. Overseas Conversions for Classes 1, 2 & 4
  6. Defensive Driving Course for groups (minimum- 6 people)
  7. Advance Driving Assessment
  8. Classroom Training for individuals and community groups
  9. Hire of Truck, Bus and Car for driving tests as well as pre-assessment for restricted and full tests
  10. Assessment of selected unit standards for truck licence and passenger endorsements
  11. Area Knowledge test for taxi drivers relating to the Auckland Metropolitan
If you have any further questions about learning to drive, please call us today for a friendly chat.
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woman learning to drive in Auckland
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